Unit 3, Bladnoch Bridge Estate is the home of Dowling Stoves. We build the strongest steel stoves in Scotland! But summer is a quiet time for us, it being warm an’ all. The heat is on (somewhere) and we sit about generally trying to catch some rays, talking about new designs, trying to fathom Steve’s sketches of new designs and sitting in the vast, white space that is Unit 3.


Bladnoch Bridge Estate emerged from industrial buildings that used to serve as a creamery, which closed in the 1980’s. It has evolved into various small units housing a blacksmith, a recording studio, a garage, a book warehouse, two record labels, an artist’s studio and, of course, the veritable hotbed of heating design and manufacture that is Dowling Stove Design. Unit 3 was originally the dispatch warehouse for the creamery and is a large, open, whitewashed space with central columns that seemed to be screaming out to us to be used for something more than housing a showroom where the stoves were sold before they could be shown, a coffee table and a couple of desks – and so Unit 3 Gallery was spawned. The aim is to showcase works by recognised artists but also to highlight the wealth of excellent local artistic talent we have in Galloway and perhaps inspire them to develop their craft.

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Unit Three Gallery, Bladnoch Bridge Estate, Wigtown, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, DG8 9AB