Jenny Gravestam - Returning Light

“I make feelings come alive with color and music.


My name is Jenny Gravestam and I am a painter inspired by music. Born in Stockholm

Sweden, I early on started to listen to Funk, Jazz, Soul and Disco. My feet started to move

and my fingers started to tickle and so it was I became a painter.


My art is mostly abstract and I love bright, happy colours. I have sold paintings across the

world. The best way to experience my art is to listen to the music you love and experience

the feeling my paintings gives you at that specific moment in your life.


Be inspired and get into the mood!”


Jenny’s “Seascapes” exhibition is showing at the gallery from the 21st Feb 2018 to the 19th March inclusive. We’d love to you to come and see the exhibition – although not essential why not bring your headphones and your favourite playlist and immerse yourself in Jenny’s vibrant, colourful world!



We also have some wonderful coloured mono prints by a very talented local artist named Joan Vickers. Joan has been working on her technique for around 10 years now and we are very honoured to be able to show her work and have it available for sale.


Jenny Gravestam - True Happiness

Special Viewing! - Sunday 11th March 2018


Now that the sun is trying it's best to warm us we're having an extra viewing of the Seascapes exhibition this Sunday the 11th March. We have a riot of colour throughout the exhibition with beautiful Seascapes from Jenny Gravestam along with bold monoprints from local artist Joan Vickers. There will be tea and treats - try and join us anytime between 3 and 5pm

Hope London

Our plans for 2018 include a project by Hope London in the Spring, an exploration into the art of the tattoo and an exploration of the art of the motorcycle. Tattooing is an ancient and fascinating art, with a deep social history, which we hope to explore in the exhibition. Artistic expression surrounding the motorcycle can be wide and varied from the design of the machine itself to an air brushed fuel tank.

Hope London is a well-respected artist based in Wigtown who has had extensive experience with her own exhibitions and projects as well as community projects -


“Making art helps me make sense of the world. Drawing is fundamental. It’s about sustained observation, deep connection to the subject. I use whatever media a project or idea demands - murals, photographs, graphic novels, words, sound recording – which can be risky. The point is to discover meaning, and that’s worth the risk - 'The Bladnoch Altarpiece' – an exhibition of drawings, paintings and soundscape based on my two-month residency at the former Bladnoch Creamery, where people now produce music, art, stoves, metalwork and car repairs instead of dairy products. Artwork explores the site today and its connection to relics of the industrial past. Sparks will fly.”

Joan Vickers - Further Up The Street

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